Strip and music performance : Kafka Band plays on 7 February in EYE Amsterdam

5 February 2014

Kafka goes pop . The Kafka Band initiated by the Czech artist Jaroslav Rudis and Jaromir Svejdik - retells the haunting novel The Castle by Franz Kafka in the language of comics and rock music .

A six-strong band plays rock songs , built around excerpts from Kafka's novel The Castle , with in the background projections the graphic novel Švejdík recently published . The two performances of the Kafka Band in EYE on February 7 are the rousing conclusion of a series of activities related to Kafka , organized as part of the exhibition The Quay Brothers Universe .

The setlist of the Kafka Band consists of ten songs that can be experienced as the soundtrack to The Castle , Kafka 's novel from 1922 about the surveyor K. arriving in a village hostile to him and who's getting into more and more desperate attempts to conversate with the rulers of the mysterious Castle . The songs are written by Jaroslav Rudiš , an acclaimed writer and Jaromír Švejdík, a Czech cartoonist who's also known as the frontman of the successful rock band Priessnitz . During the concert video projections are shown from the graphic novel that Švejdík created together with David Zane Mairowitz and was  this year in English, German and Czech. The English edition of the book can be found here. From the song Ankunft is a video clip on Youtube :